Sam Wraith

I walked into the Derby Army Careers Office in 2006 with every intention of joining the Army as a soldier.

The rather forthright Careers Advisor saw more potential in me than I did in myself and managed to convince me to attempt the gruelling Army Officer Selection process. After expressing my concerns and with a serious lack of confidence, he politely responded “well, when you fail, come back here, I’ll sign you straight up as a soldier!”. Little did I expect that one year later, I would have passed selection and would be in my first year of Army Officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, not the usual career path for a Derby girl!

I have travelled and led Soldiers in demanding environments all over the world. After having spent an amazing, busy and demanding 12 years in the Army as a Royal Artillery Officer, I wanted to return home to Derby to be with my family. Still incredibly passionate about the Army, I was unable to entirely cut my military ties. I very quickly side-stepped into the Army Reserve and now work part-time as an Engagement Officer for the 7th Infantry Brigade Engagement Team based in the East Midlands as well a running my own business.

One of a small team of 10, I deliver Army Engagement through a series of team building activities, career talks, careers assemblies, STEM activities, CV Workshops, Career Speed Networking, Mock interviews or bespoke activities that can be developed to suit a specific educational or careers need.

Having spent years abroad throughout my career and now firmly based back in my hometown, I am passionate about by local community and dedicated to the youth that are growing up in it and the region. Through my Army Engagement role, my aim is to develop and inspire them to achieve their absolute potential, no matter what further education or career path they wish to take.
If I can inspire someone to push themselves to reach their potential just as the Army Careers Advisor did for me that day in 2006, then I know I’m doing something positively influential.