My surname is pronounced daily-dee-tay and reflects my Lithuanian heritage. After obtaining bachelor’s degree in Economics from my hometown university, I moved to the UK in 2010 where I did a Master’s degree in Economics at the University of Edinburgh. I quickly fell in love with the city of Edinburgh (not a man!) and now I am proud to call Scotland ‘home’.

I started my career as an Investment Proposition Analyst at Standard Life in the Investment Solutions team. After two years’ in this position, I decided to move into a client facing role and joined Tcam Asset Management, a wealth management firm. I joined as a Trainee and upon completion of my professional qualification I was promoted to Investment Manager in April 2016. Through yet a short career in Tcam I made a rapid progress, where I now look after nearly 100 clients.

I have also recently taken up the sport of powerlifting, and when not at work, I can generally be found lifting heavy weights in the gym. My dedication led me to podium finishes at various powerlifting competitions across the country. I am very proud of my sports achievements and I strongly believe that the qualities I gain at the gym can be easily transferred to the workplace. Powerlifting requires patience, control and dedication and rewards the ones which stick to the technique and process rather than chasing quick wins. Indeed, as every week I lift just a fractional heavier weight it draws resemblance to compounding effect on the investment portfolio. Surely, there will be some volatility in the road, however if you do not deviate from the process, you will achieve the desired result in the end.