Sangita Birdi

Sangita works as Service Design and Transition Manager at Post Office HQ where she is responsible for creating service design packages and managing the service transition of technology projects.

Previously she spent 10 years with the BBC in similar roles on some major transformational projects. She deals daily with senior stakeholders to ensure that new/ changes to existing services are bought into Production environments fully assured using ITIL aligned processes.

Graduating from Kingston University in Biomedical Sciences, her early career was within the NHS as a microbiologist. But her passion for learning and self-development led to postgraduate qualifications in Information Systems and CIM Marketing. Sangita has developed her career in IT with a route rich with experiences, challenges, mountains to climb, plenty of tumbles but great networks to support her. She knows the importance of self-development and continues to stay up to date within her professional remit.

She has always been active in networks whether on a professional or personal level. Two areas where she has invested a lot of time over the last 5 years has been in STEM as a STEM Ambassador with outreach work and as part of networks supporting women in their own self development. Having served on the BBC Women in Stem Board for over 3 years as the Relationship and Members lead, Sangita has been key in developing the strategy, transforming the service offering, developing and growing the network expanding it nationally with increased hubs, helping drive cultural changes at the BBC.

She has bought many key-note speakers from across the globe, delivering self-development courses and encouraging people on 1-2-1 basis both professional and personal, she has helped to inspire them to progress further in their own career goals. Her Network involvement continues at the Post Office.

As part of the national STEM network, she has visited many schools inspiring and promoting STEM as well as providing mentoring to school children. Currently collaborating on STEM initiatives for girls, she would like to roll out a series of events targeted at teenagers. She is also proactive within the diversity space and a firm believer that exceptional innovation is achieved by having diverse teams, where members can challenge one another and bring new perspectives.