Sarah Almond-Bushell

Sarah Almond Bushell is an award-winning Registered Dietitian, ex NHS Consultant child nutritionist of 22 years and founder of The Children’s Nutritionist™.

Having worked for 22 years as a medical-based nutritionist in the NHS, studied child development, eating psychology, feeding therapy and positive parenting practices, Sarah has now created her dream online business that allows her to help other parents through courses and classes, who are in the same position as she was, from not knowing how to help their picky eater to not understanding how to nourish their children – and in doing so will create a ripple effect globally of improved health and wellbeing for future generations.

Food always played a large role in Sarah’s life. At school, it was obvious that home economics was her subject and a flair for the sciences led naturally to a career as a nutritionist. But being highly ambitious Sarah wanted to train to become a Registered Dietitian, a step up from a nutritionist because she felt the intuitive pull towards helping people manage their health and medical conditions through food.

She graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor’s Degree in nutrition & dietetics and subsequently achieved a Diploma in advanced dietetic practice, and a Master’s Degree in nutrition for children.

Sarah specialised early on in her career in paediatrics and worked for the NHS till she left 22 years later at the top of her game as one of a handful Consultant Dietitians in the UK.

During her career, she was awarded the British Dietetic Associations Roll Of Honour (patron HM the Queen) for her leadership in the development of a paediatric nutritional assessment document for dietitians. More recently in November 2021, Sarah was shortlisted for the British Dietetic Associations Outstanding Achievement Award for her role in supporting other dietitians in their careers.