Sarah Raitt

Sarah is an Army GP, currently serving as the Senior Medical Officer for Defence Primary Healthcare (DPHC) in Central London.

Leading a mixed military and civilian team of doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals, delivering healthcare to a diverse military and civilian population in Central London.

Sarah took over her current role in London just 6 weeks before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. London GPs and their teams have been at the forefront of the COVID response over the past year and have continued to provide services throughout each wave of the pandemic. From early outbreak management, moving swiftly to adopt telephone and online consultations, to setting up and running community pulse oximetry, so patients can be safely monitored at home, plus many other new ways of safely delivering healthcare during the pandemic. Sarah has led a Primary Care team to respond magnificently in support of the NHS, by rapidly deploying staff into NHS roles, and mobilising military and civilian DPHC staff from across London to support the National COVID-19 Vaccination campaign.

As an Army GP, Sarah has developed considerable experience leading healthcare teams through change and working under pressure. While deployed overseas these have often been in resource poor, high risk and remote settings.