Shevonne Bramley

Born to parents from the Windrush generation, I grew up in South London.

Wanting a job with a bit of excitement after working in pensions, I joined the Royal Air Force (RAF) in 1990 as a Weapons Technician. After completing a years training, I was posted to RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire, I’d never been that far North before. During my 28 years in the Royal Air Force as a highly qualified engineer, I’ve worked on complex weapon systems and safety equipment for all manner of Aircraft, managed personal weapon armouries and explosive storage areas.

I have also worked on the Tornado F3 Aircraft, the Tornado GR1, and the Harrier GR7/GR9. I am one of only a few female qualified RAF Bomb Disposal Operators for conventional munitions, often tasked to disarm live bombs and munitions to ensure the public is kept safe. I have deployed on operational tours in support of peacekeeping missions, often managing teams in complex situations during long hours, under the pressures of being away from home. I have deployed several times in my career, and have been fortunate to travel to all over the world from the USA, Canada, Germany, Cyprus, Belgium, Italy, Iraq, Oman and Sardinia to name but a few, a lot further than Yorkshire!

I have gained many qualifications over the years and was finally able to complete my degree in 2014, whist juggling work, home life and my two children. 2015 provided the opportunity for me to enter the world of recruiting and share my experiences with those considering employment in the RAF and engage with lots of young people.

I’ve come a long way from the council flat I grew up in and now what I want to do is help people, especially women, to be the best that they can be. Helping others and the next generation, is something I’m really passionate about. Travelling around the world, meeting new people and exploring new cultures is the best part of my job. It has afforded me many new experiences, Sailing, rowing, knee boarding, cycling in the Scottish hills, horse riding in Italy, Bob-sleighing in Lillehammer and swimming with dolphins in Oman. Now I enjoy giving back to society by encouraging young people to be the best that they can be by exploring new ideas and experiences and pushing themselves to try something different.