As a India Delivery Manager at Aon, my role demands execution with excellence on business priorities, identifying opportunities to improve delivery, influence teams to excel, resolve client escalations and ultimately help to improve governance and execution of our client delivery and relationships. In my accolades, I recently received the Annual Platinum Award for Business Results in 2016, for delivering with excellence. I enjoy mentoring and coaching my front line managers, and feel that it is my responsibility to ensure the knowledge that is gained is shared and hence am also partnering with the talent and development teams in facilitating corporate trainings both technical and management workshops

We have over 700 female colleagues in the location and my interest in empowerment of the women workforce has given me the opportunity to lead the Women’s International Network Chennai Chapter. Alongside this I am also leading the CSR projects and activities for the location, which has earned the Global Innovation Award recently. As the core theme of the CSR is on education, we support on the projects that support the economically in need, visually challenged and hearing impaired students. As a part of the diversity workforce project team, currently working on implementing and imparting hearing impaired potentials into the organization.   ‘How deeply you touch another life is how rich your life is’, is my mantra. My future vision is focused on enriching and enabling the lives of physically challenged through technology.