In 2015, I graduated from Cass Business School in Business with a scholarship in Italy. Some of my successes involve learning Italian during my year abroad, finishing top three in CityStarters start up idea competition in London and achieving mentee of the year. During university, I was successful in creating the first Erasmus Student Network Society with the mission to help international students to connect, soon becoming the largest university society in London. I am a keen traveller and believe that exploring new cultures, places and people will help to develop my own mind, the ability to adapt and serve me well through my professional life. Since joining Dunnhumby, I have been responsible for engaging both commercial suppliers and Tesco in our services, growing the relationships and consulting them using customer data & insight, on how to meet key objectives using media activations and trends in customers. Outside of my day job, I mentor young girls through many mentoring schemes and regularly visit my secondary school; providing career conversations, mock interviews and fun activities to showcase how females can lead in businesses today and how confidence in yourself is key. I have an active network on Linkedin, where I showcase my work and achievements, and equally connect with likeminded females; to explore ideas on better working lives, progression within the work place and achieving a good work life balance. I strongly believe that through hard work, passion and determination in one’s self, a female can rise and become a star in the workplace, in their home and in society.