I am the founder of RAiISE, a charity which aims to Raise Awareness of invisible Illnesses in Schools and Education and support students who are living with chronic conditions. These conditions are often ‘invisible’ which can cause confusion and misunderstanding, especially in the classroom. It began following a personal negative experience after being diagnosed with Lupus aged 14. Despite Lupus making me seriously unwell for several years, I often felt I was not understood or adequately supported because I continued to look just like my healthy peers. In spite of this, I was a very successful student which has led to getting a place at Durham University, where I am currently reading English. Alongside my degree and living with a complex health condition, for over two years I have been responsible for the development of RAiISE and I have seen it grow beyond my expectations. Since the initial idea, I have taken it from strength to strength, creating partnerships with organisations such as the National Institute for Health Research, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, the Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health (RCPCH), and Lupus UK. I oversee all the day to day running of the charity and I am currently focusing on a project in which we create information packs and resources to be used by teachers within schools, which will provide advice on best practices and strategies which can be instigated in the classroom. I look forward to continuing the progress and success of RAiISE, with hopes of implementing our strategies in schools and colleges across the country.