Sophie Paveling

I have recently finished my Electrical and Mechanical Apprenticeship in July 2018.

I am currently completing my HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I will be starting another Degree in September 2019, this is a ‘Charted Degree in Supply Chain Management’.

I have been a Multi-Skilled Shift Technician since July 2018 that attends to breakdowns on the production line alongside performing improvement projects.

I have designed and implemented many projects on my site, saving a vast amount of water, energy and production costs. Some projects include:

  • Layer Pad Alarming System (saving £16,000 Production costs every 12hours).
  • Automatic Lubrication System (200,000 Litres Water reduction).
  • Lubrication Timing and proceeding conveyor control (800,000 Litres Water Reduction).
  • Combining belt reseting and alarming system (H&S Project)
  • Implementation of new palletisation formats.
  • Plus many more.

Since I started my apprenticeship and job at CCEP(5 years ago) I have and still am attendeding various schools, career days and conferences to give presentations, activities and panel talks expressing my story and expanding the knowledge of apprenticeships and the success of women in engineering.