I came to the UK in 1998 working as an au pair for 12 months to improve my English before returning to France to complete my English Literature Degree. I never went back.

I felt home in England, having found something that I had not known I was missing and soon discovered that if you are willing to take on any job and learn, it’s easy to get by in Britain.

After a couple of jobs (hotel receptionist, Lab tech for the M.O.D. at Forensic Science), I entered the beginning of my career in Financial Services, working for Travelex doing reconciliation of the French and Belgian corporate accounts.

Since then I’ve generally changed job when I have needed a new challenge, I worked on the French line in the Concierge Service, the Complaints team, the Prepaid Card Project team, and finally the Product team, looking after the Japan and South Korea Prepaid card programs (unfortunately, I never got to go there). MasterCard bought then bought the Prepaid Card Management Services from Travelex and after a few years, I felt it was time for a new adventure. Every successful interview has been due to my ability to learn, my passion for getting things done and getting them right, while being pragmatic.

Thomas cook were looking for a Web Product Manager with Financial Services knowledge. The idea of travelling for a travel company where taking care of the best 2 weeks of someone’s year is the aim, really suited my way of thinking: Customer at the Heart.

Thomas Cook then decided to create a new Company, Thomas Cook Money, to give more focus to Financial Services and rebuild what used to be a core part of the Thomas Cook business. Having acquired knowledge about the existing products as well as their interaction with the world of holidays at Thomas Cook, I was the prime candidate to take on the role of Web Product Manager in Thomas Cook Money and I have not looked back since.

On a personal note, I am married and enjoy traveling, cycling, writing, singing, composing, gardening, cooking and most recently, I’ve taken up greenwood carving, which turns out to be a very therapeutic and relaxing hobby.