Stephanie Itimi

Nigerian-born Stephanie Itimi is the founder of Seidea, a social enterprise focused on helping black and ethnic minority women build cybersecurity and IT careers through lectures and webinars by industry experts.

She has a track record of facilitating significant development initiatives and was part of the team that pioneered the world’s first public health information service inside the WhatsApp platform.

Tackling fake news on Ebola, it provided content in text, images and audio to users in West Africa from the BBC World Service as well as through partners Unicef, World Health Organisation, World Food Programme and the Centre for Disease Control.

A published author of an academic book titled “The Informal Sector in Nigeria and its impact on Development”, she is an Advisor at Africa Business Portal. She sits at the Advisory Board for The Young Politicians and Leaders Network (UK, Liberia and Ghana). She has also played a leading role in the creation and production of high-profile projects in Slovakia, Morocco, UK, Uganda & several West African countries through her various consultancy experiences with Culture Fez, Balloon Ventures and the European Commission, advocating freedom of information, digital literacy, economic empowerment and gender equality.