Swati Gupta

Swati is a Digital Consultant at Cognizant, with a problem-solving attitude to help Financial Services clients enhance their customer experience and increase operational efficiency while collaborating with various FinTech partner ecosystems.

Being part of the business family in India, her father insisted on joining the steel business while she wanted to fulfil her mother’s dream to become a doctor. Little did she know when she sat down with her first computer that she found her partner for life. The enthusiasm for technology increased manifold when she developed a visual cryptography project during her engineering degree by dividing and encrypting image to resolve digital crime.

Being part of business family, she wanted to create a healthy mix of finance and technology to resolve real life challenges using digital transformation. MBA in Finance and CFA helped her understand the business side of the coin. In 2014, she published an article on Big Data: A ‘Big’ leap towards profitability.

At Cognizant, she is currently working on hyper-automation of cross-asset post trade operations using FinTech platform. She has led engagements in consulting services including advisory and implementation of digital operational transformation of risk and wealth management domain for leading investment banks. She has been engaged in implementing industry landscape, defining business strategy, identifying regulatory impact, reinforcement of core business positioning and bringing in digital transformation using leading disruptive technology including FinTech, AI & cloud.

She coaches and mentors the new analysts and always tries to bridge a gap between objective of the organization and needs of the colleagues. She also holds a Certificate in Agile leadership.

She has authored various point of views including ‘Digital transformation of trade expense using AI/ ML’ and ‘Analytical enterprise data migration- a strategic approach’. She has won ‘Consulting award’ in 2017 at Cognizant for her engagement in data strategy project. She currently works as the co-editor of BFS Consulting newsletter.

She is a firm believer of education and actively engage in teaching program in ‘MyPustak’ to help underprivileged children learn and grow.

Outside of work, she likes to paint, dance and cook.