Tanya Thourani

An extremely confident young lady in the early twenties, I have always carried my skills of responsibilities and initiative right from college days where I was the Placement head and Computer branch representative. I also had the good fortune of holding a distinction degree in Computer Science from Cummins College of Engineering for women.

Deeply driven by the belief that technology makes our lives easier and that it can empower everyday people and every aspect of any business, I undertook a successful research project in computational offloading with CDAC in association with IIT-Bombay.

I was selected for the renowned Barclays Rotational Program that has made me garner intercultural working experience in Compliance, Investment Banking and Data & Integration Services by working in different domains and with multifaceted people. Always keen on leading various initiatives, many of my various functional deliveries have been recognized to enhance customer experience. I have recently been selected to be a part of some new project management opportunities.

With an unusual mix of traits that combine idealism and action, I strongly desire to become a catalyst in contributing to activities that create an impact.

Within just two years in the industry I have proactively started umpteen initiatives – driving the pilot ‘Reverse Mentoring’ culture for directors and colleagues early in their career, ambassador for Diversity and Inclusion Network for Barclays IMGame and Queen’s Olympiad, winning gold medal in Swimming, Athletics and Badminton, hosting and performing various plays for the Embrace Cultural network – to name a few.

What empowers me with a sense of definitive purpose for all my undertakings is getting nominated for Global Recognition Program under the category of ‘Entry Level Talent’. I am a corporate Toastmaster trophy winner and a certified dancer in contemporary, hip-hop and Bollywood.

“Shine brighter than the sun” is the underlying asset that i own. While every person is a unique fingerprint, I am, Tanya Thourani.