Taslima Khan

I am Taslima Khan, a social entrepreneur, founder of TASLIMA K; a conscious fashion label, fashion designer, an activist and public speaker.

My fashion label is a way of showcasing my activism. We engage fashion and politics to create awareness on different social issues. We travel to the source of our inspiration with different charities/organisations and learn about the situation within these countries. We tell the stories with our collection to share with the rest of the world, creating acknowledgement and build support. We give back to the source of our inspiration from the sales made. All ethically designed and handmade by me.

I graduated in fashion design and marketing and I am very creative. Yet very much into politics, campaigning and charity work.

I started volunteering and campaigning from the age of 16, and through out my life I have always spoken out about injustice and what I believe in (HUMAN RIGHTS), I would volunteer when I can and would take things into my own hands to campaign.

I have worked on various human rights campaigns such as female empowerment, cyber bullying, racism, genocide, anti-knife crime, general election on encouraging young people to vote, started my own movement on mental health awareness in St Lucia. Written reports for the United Nations on immigration, Kenny Report 3 on gender inequality. I am a Prince’s Trust ambassador. Fellow and have done ambassador work for Uprising Uk, o2 Think Big, Yunus and Youth fellowship, Envision. I have facilitated workshops and mentored young people from year 10 to university students for their next steps.

Through my work I have the power to relate to young people that look like me and work with people in power within the parliament and big corporations who need our help to make a change in the world we live in.

I know my purpose in this world is to create a positive change.