During my 14 years as a Claims Manager I was introduced to Coaching and became fully qualified to support the companies vision of being a coaching culture. I was seconded over a 4 year period to run the intake training for the companies new trainees, each intake was approx 6 people and there was 2- 3 per year.

I have worked with graduates straight out of university and guided professional progression throughout my career to ensure my team members moved upwards in their careers and understood their opportunities. Providing learning opportunities and career advice and support to the team members who wanted to progress and performance management to those who were not performing in their roles so I could keep them my team and them not be lost.

After a car accident meant I was unable to return to work full-time in the role I was in, I decided to set up Avalanche Coaching and provide businesses with training in Leadership and soft skills and provide career advice, so I could continue what I enjoyed doing and ensure I was able to manage my health too. I have worked with students to help them see their abilities differently and find careers not just jobs and believe they have positive futures, regardless of the grades they get.