Tonia is the founder of the mumtrepreneur club and the project director of The F.E.E.D Project UK . Tonia is very passionate about the community and understands the importance of giving back to society. “We cannot change the world but we can change a life”. (Tonia). Tonia’s Journey in community giving dates back to 2002 when she was part of a team that pioneered a charity program to raise money for less privilege children in Africa. . In 2004, she engaged in a volunteer experience at the London Metropolitan police, where she was on the streets serving the community. In 2005, she became a certified Peer Mentor and helped young people grow their talent and increase their confidence. In 2007 she served a one year elected/voluntary term as a UK Youth Parliamentary representative for the London Borough of Bexley, where she was a medium in voicing out the opinion of over 22,000 young people within the community. In the same year she was called to join the Bexley partnership where she served for 2 years as an active member, this organisation caters to the needs of those in community development. Tonia has also volunteered at the Central London Law Center, where she dealt with issues such as Housing, Immigration and employment of which she describes as “ Some of the basic elements of stability for life in the UK”. Tonia is currently a local government Councillor and she represents the Glyndon ward in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.
Tonia is the Founder of Mumtrepreneur club, a social enterprise which focuses on building entrepreneurial mums and helping them create a work/family balance. The F.E.E.D project is an initiative by the Mumtrepreneur club. Tonia is highly motivated and keen on giving back to the community. Her passion for giving has led to the birth of The F.E.E.D Project . She will use this medium to promote the importance of adequate primary socialization and helping those in need.