Trudie Fell

Trudie is a social entrepreneur with a passion for creating environments in which people thrive and a love of technology.

She is the CEO and Co-founder of BelleVie, a company on a mission to prove how an innovative operating model using self-managing teams, funded by monthly subscriptions, and underpinned by great technology can fix the current crisis in care.

Trudie spent 11 years working at telco Three UK, where she founded the company’s first diversity group, Women in Tech. They ran a coding course for mothers returning to work, met over 800 school children through a variety of outreach projects and spoke at numerous events and panels including London Tech Week.

Trudie has built and led teams responsible for customer facing front end applications through to back end system architecture. She’s proud of her role transforming IT departments from traditional, command and control structures to self-managing agile teams. Having started her IT career as a software developer she is known for bridging the gap between technical and business teams. She co-founded BelleVie to use her passion for enabling people through self-managing teams to create great jobs in at-home care.

Her vision for BelleVie is to create a world where people who give and receive care are valued and thrive together.