I am born and raised in Bulgaria. From a very early age, my parents taught me to cherish travelling to different countries. Ever since, I have accommodated a fascination for communicating and collaborating with people in an international environment. I hold law degrees from Netherlands, Scotland and England. Shortly after my UCL Masters graduation, I worked in the banking legal departments of a couple of prestigious London City law firms. While involved with some of the hottest banking sector litigations, my passion for finance was growing ever stronger.

To nourish further my financial curiosity, I took a job at Bloomberg Analytics Department. Only after a few months of work and training, I became Fixed Income Advanced Specialist. My most exciting project was convincing banks’ risk departments to adopt the Bloomberg proprietary model for counterparty risk evaluations.

Soon after the success of that project, I was promoted to a Relationship Representative for European Emerging markets, based out of London. This is a position I hold to this date. I gladly took this opportunity to bring western technology and Bloomberg solutions to emerging markets and thus establishing new standards of work in that region.

Outside work, I have an appreciation for art and history museums but my greatest hobby is aviation. So far I have co-piloted a fighter jet and a helicopter.