Yashasvini Rajeshwar

Storyteller. Writer. Educator. Disability rights ally. Gender equality advocate. There are many identities that define Yashasvini Rajeshwar. She seamlessly flits across them, binding her endeavours together with the unerring belief that language is powerful and words have the ability to catalyse change.

Full-time, she teaches at a rural school for tribal and underprivileged children weilding the weapons of personal attention and undeterred faith. In the stolen hours between the classroom and preparation, she is the Head of Communications and Media for Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation, a non-profit that promotes inclusion for Persons with Disability through adventure sports. Additionally she serves as the chief content writer for BeingYou, a platform dedicated to narrating stories of various marginalised communities on social media, volunteers with Ability Foundation’s disability advocacy and activism, and creates corporate content for a strategic creative communications house.

Her portfolio spans ten years of print and online journalism and close to 200 articles with names including The Hindu and The Times of India. Over the years, she has worked on development projects from Jammu and Kashmir to Tamil Nadu with both public as well as private actors. She blogs about teaching at yashasvinirblog.wordpress.com and otherwise yashasvinir.blogspot.in.