I consider myself an Energy & Finance Strategist, with two masters degrees (Distinctions in both), one in Finance & international business and another in Energy and Economics. I have 4 years of experience in the energy industry and 3 in the financial sector. Because of this unique background I am currently the Energy Finance & Business Development Manager for EMEA at CBRE, and also the youngest Associate Professor at City University of London.

My passion is sharing knowledge, this is why I’ve spoken at more than 15 conferences worldwide, including COP21 (Paris), European Commission Energy Sustainability Week 2015 (Brussels), Energy Systems Conference (London), ESTA (London), All-Energy 2016 (Glasgow), WEEC (Washington D.C.), The Uncommon Good 2017 (Kuala Lumpur). I am the current advisor board member for Electrify Europe, former Vice–Chair of the YPN Energy Institute and committee member for the UK Association of Energy Engineers.

I am proud of my desire to help South America become the greenest region in the world, of being shortlisted for the Energy Institute’s Young Energy Professional of the Year Award 2017, and of my salsa dancing skills.