This girl has surpassed the visions once seen by a small, feisty girl 3 years ago. Her determination to play the sport of cricket and set an example for others has dumbfounded many around her. Facing cultural AND gender barriers, she has worked her way into recognition with her keen passion and natural talent. She has taken and accepted responsibility many times as a member of the schools cricket team (Carlton Bolling girls), launching us into our first ever Yorkshire final with her bowling skills and eve has one on to have an extremely successful season with the West Yorkshire women’s district squad – taking over 20 wickets and being invited to play for a club. She has even been invited to play for the Yorkshire Women’s super two’s event, also taking a few wickets in the process, despite playing in the u15’ category being 13 last year.  She continues to defy any opposition, fighting through the daily struggles of cultural issues with the family and gender issues also coming into play in the argument. Yet, she still continues the struggle, helping the school team win yet another Yorkshire title as vice captain and committing herself to the game to help others do the same.  She has now become a coach, guiding the younger years with her experience and helping them to reach the same level of sportsmanship and cricket as the current team have now after 3 years. If inspiration a physical substance, you would see a rainbow hue of mist surround her, swirling around the other girls as she disperses her experience and knowledge gained over the course of a long, rough 3 years. 3 years of excruciating pain and tormenting hardship, which is finally being paid back now through the recognition we are finally receiving.