Amandine Flachs

Supporting early-stage entrepreneurs in emerging technologies for the past 9 years in France, the USA and the UK, I have been involved in the startup ecosystem most of my life and have helped transform technical solutions into understandable commercial offers, launch innovative products, build communities, and bring technical & non-technical teams together to kickstart projects and approach new markets.

Late 2019, I started working on a new project and co-founded WildMeta, a young AI startup (still in stealth) that I can’t wait to share more about in the coming months!
Passionate about helping founders succeed and access funding, I am an active Venture Scout for the London-based fund Backed VC and have been involved in the investment space part of my most recent role as Equity Funding Manager. I also dedicate some of my time to mentor early-stage startups through accelerators and programmes and volunteer with diversity initiatives, representing #MovingForward as European co-lead and previously co-founding Unfold UK.
To put some light on amazing founders I have the chance to meet every day, show their hard work, unique story and what’s behind the scene, I also produce and host a series of live videos called Entrepreneurs Playing Games where I deep dive into entrepreneurs’ journey and answer live questions after playing video games with my guests.