Dr Ambika Hanchate was born in the Haveri district of Karnataka, India.A 28-year-old girl, Ambika is leading many forums in her nation as social activist for causes such as animal and environment care and drug abuse. She has completed 57 courses in various academic subjects and has won more than 85 prestigious awards. For her contribution and dedication to education, the Genius Foundation CEO will present her with the Genius Award in Mumbai. On World Women’s Day, she will receive the Iron Women Award in Uttar Prades, India.

Alongside these, she is participating in many national seminars, conferences, and has conducted her own contest in her region for growth to rural places. Her main intention is to promote women’s empowerment in her nation, due to her upbringing. She is also a young literate, writing many poems, short topical essays and chutuku that are published in books. e wrote many poems ,short essays

Her main determination is to serve her nation by working in the Civil service.