A practicing dentist managing her own successful events management company, Dr. Anullekha Naveen is not your average 30-something Indian woman. When she is not running around in her scrubs attending to patients or managing parties and weddings, doing book reviews or even running around behind her two sons, she actually runs too! Yes, an avid runner and cyclist, Dr. Anu has several completed half marathons and triathlons. Being forever enthusiastic and charged about life is her mantra and she loves seeing every day as an opportunity to push herself a little further and achieve something a little more than what she has already done. Dr. Anu strongly believes a supportive and adjusting family is the key for a woman to achieve success today. She also believes every person should pursue some hobby to unwind and that for her is travelling and baking. If running keeps her body fit and her day jobs keep her mind active, it is baking and travelling which feed her soul!

She is someone who strongly believes in the mantra; ” Life is all about striking the right balance”. Love everything you do and that definitely is the never failing path to a happy, successful and productive life that we strive to live!

Cheers to the new age woman!