I am a UK and European Chartered Principal Engineering Geologist, with over ten years’ global experience. My career has taken me to Australia and led me across the Arabian Peninsula and back to England. In doing so, I have created a global network and left behind a legacy of impressive, award-winning infrastructure projects that have helped millions of people improve their daily lives.

I have worked on eight multi-award-winning highway schemes, from feasibility to construction, the total length of which rivals the M25. I am incredibly fortunate to do something that I am passionate about, and I am invested in helping other young engineers build a career they can be proud of. As a STEM ambassador and part of WSP’s school engagement programme Launchpad, I help young people make informed choices and open their eyes to the creative world of engineering.

In my efforts to promote the image of engineering, I blog regularly, and have written articles about my career, Women in Engineering that have been published in Construction News and Infrastructure Intelligence.

Over my career, I have published two technical journals and had a double page spread on the A1 widening scheme, Gateshead, UK in Ground Engineering. Recently, I gave a technical presentation at the NW Geological Society on the A1widening scheme and was subsequently invited to repeat the presentation across the UK.

On 01 January, I began my two-year tenure as the UK National Chair for the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) Progress Network. I am leading an active group of over 2000 young professionals from a variety of firms, disciplines and sectors across the UK. As National Chair, I form strategic plans to build capacity and provide leadership to the existing regional groups and grow and nurture the network across further geographical regions.