Marina Parry

Marina Parry | CRUK Manchester Institute, University of Manchester

For the past two and a half years, I have been a postdoctoral research fellow, part of the Molecular Oncology group at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, where I have been working to understand how prostate cancer develops so we can give patients the most appropriate clinical care.

Prior to that, I spent two years at the University of Southampton Cancer Sciences Institute studying the causes of a very rare form of blood cancer, Splenic Marginal Zone Lymphoma, and uncovered a new genetic change seen in very many patients. This has helped understand why people develop this cancer, as well as hopefully finding better treatments for it.

I completed my PhD at the University of Sheffield in 2011, where I was investigating the genetic events responsible for inherited susceptibility to breast and prostate cancer. Our aim was to improve breast and prostate cancer screening to target it to the people who would benefit most.

Niri Arambepola

Niri Arambepola | WSP

I went to school in north London where I excelled at maths and physics but really enjoyed art classes. I wanted a profession that would combine drawing with science. Aged 15 I did a week of work experience in an architecture practice where I learnt the most important thing of my entire career: what structural engineering was.

I went on to study General Engineering at Newnham College, Cambridge University. I studied the basics of different types of engineering before specialising in structures. Newnham is a women’s college so I experienced an all-female living environment and a male dominated studying environment. In the engineering department I quickly came to believe that a woman could succeed in a “man’s industry”.

After graduating, I started working at WSP where I still work now, 5 years later. I have been fortunate to work on some amazing projects in central London and Heathrow airport. These include the Shell Centre- a challenging project in central London consisting of seven new towers, built over several tube lines. On this project I have designed the structure for two of the towers as well as a large section of the shared basement. I have worked on this from concept design through to construction and it is fantastic to see buildings I have designed in real life.

In 2012 I co-founded the Structurally Found competition- a photo treasure hunt designed to tell the general public about the amazing engineering surrounding them. After a lot of planning and persuading, Structurally Found became a part of Open House Weekend in 2014 and attracted 3000 entries from around the world. We ran the event again in 2015 and 2016, adapting and expanding it each time.

I continue to work on a variety of projects at WSP, and am currently preparing for my chartership.

justine smithies

Justine Smithies | Woodsons of Aberdeen Ltd

Justine Melanie Smithies 44 is trans and proud, A wife and mother to 3 children. She lives in the North East of Scotland in the small coastal village of Cruden Bay just 10 miles south of the white fish port of Peterhead. Where she is employed as a marine electronics engineer for a local company Woodsons of Aberdeen Ltd. She is responsible for the installation / repair of all types of electronic equipment such as satellite internet / TV, Radars, Autopilots etc to fishing vessels all the way up to oil related vessels all over the UK.
She has completed a sponsored skydive for Stonewall Scotland and raised £2300 mostly from the fishing community of the North East of Scotland. After this event Stonewall Scotland invited her to be a keynote speaker for their workplace conference in December 2015 and has since spoken at various businesses / educational establishments. In her spare time she has also written for various publications YWCA Scotland, The Glass Closet, KaleidoScot , GTenMedia and also setup & runs a support group for the LGBT+ people of Aberdeenshire called Just Be Yourself. Recently she also starred in the BBC Scotland documentary “Transgender Love”.To contact Justine:Email:
Twitter: @JustineSmithies

Susan McDonald

Susan McDonald | Deloitte

Susan is an electrical and mechanical engineer, passionate about promoting engineering and energy careers.

Susan worked at National Grid for six years. She was responsible for maintaining National Grid’s relationship with the energy regulator relating to a ~£1bn new electricity transmission project. Her work facilitated new low carbon projects to help meet increasing UK energy demand in a sustainable way.

In November 2016, Susan joined Deloitte’s Infrastructure & Capital Projects Consulting team. As a Senior Consultant, Susan specialises in the design and setup of delivery models and control for capital projects and complex transformation programmes across the energy and resources industry. Susan was recently responsible for evaluating a UK water utility’s asset maintenance end-to-end process and capabilities.

Susan holds a Master of Engineering (M.Eng) in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering with Distinction from the University of Strathclyde. Susan is currently the Chair of the UK Young Energy Professionals Forum which has over 1,300 members. She is an ambassador for the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Queen Elizabeth Prize to help promote engineering globally. In 2015, Susan won the EY and Energy UK Young Energy Professional of the Year Award, and in 2016 was shortlisted in WeAreTheCity’s Rising Star Awards Top 10 for Diversity.

Mary Akangbe

Mary Akangbe | NHS

Mary is a Registered General Nurse,Theatre and Anaesthestic Practitioner with qualifications and experience in Management. She is currently practising as a Specialist Practitioner in Minimally Invasive Surgery,which includes single incision and robotically assisted surgery.She works with innovative thought leaders and have been at the fore front of building this specialty to a world renowned,training and master class centre for Nurses,Surgeons and Allied Health Practitioners. She have succesfully devised Induction and orientation programs as part of recruitment and retention initiative for the Trust as a centre of excellence with diverse work force. She is also a Nurse Consultant with special interest in Capacity building,training and mentoring for Transforming Healthcare

Yasmin Ali | E.ON

I am a control room manager, chartered engineer, and a proactive promoter of engineering because I believe that engineers have the power to change lives and improve the world.

After gaining a Master’s degree in chemical engineering in 2010, I joined E.ON’s Engineering and Leadership graduate scheme. This was a fascinating journey in the energy sector; from coal and gas fired power stations in the UK, to business expansion in Turkey, to Oil and Gas operations in the UK’s North Sea.

My continued passion for energy has led me to the world of distributed energy generation. I am currently the control room manager for E.ON’s Community Energy business, responsible for delivering safe, reliable heat supply to over 20,000 customers and creating value from electricity generation assets.

Alongside my day job, I am a regular public speaker, an active member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, a news presenter for the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and a board member on the Women’s Engineering Society Young Members’ Board.

Keen to communicate engineering, I am constantly searching for new ways to reach wider audiences. I was selected as one of the BBC’s Expert Voices in 2014, and awarded a British Science Association Media Fellowship in 2015, which allowed me to spend time working for the BBC science unit.

I have featured in various promotional engineering campaigns, written blogs, appeared on television and radio, and even performed engineering themed stand-up comedy!

Claire Gott

Claire Gott | WSP

As a Design Manager, I specialise in managing multi-disciplinary design teams on major infrastructure projects. I have worked on a number of high profile projects, including the £790m London Bridge Station Redevelopment project, the Paddington Cube and HS2 Euston Station.

My strong drive, goal orientation and leadership skills have empowered me to be a significant leading role model for women in both the rail and construction industries. Through my passion for sustainable positive change and my numerous positions on Industry Committees, I champion initiatives to encourage young people into engineering.

I was one of the founders of the independent charity Cameroon Catalyst and am determined to help facilitate sustainable development in rural Cameroon.

In 2015, I was awarded an MBE in recognition for “Services to civil engineering and international charity work."

Patrice Baptiste

Patrice Baptiste | DreamSmartTutors

As a child, Dr. Patrice Baptiste always dreamt of qualifying as a medical doctor. After years of hard work, continued dedication and perseverance she qualified in 2013 from University College London (UCL).

Due to the challenges surmounted trying to achieve her dream, Dr. Baptiste uses her experiences to show others that a dream is never too big, or unattainable. Through sharing her story she aims to inspire, empower, support and encourage as many people as possible.

Alongside Dr. Baptiste’s full time duties as a doctor she regularly contributes to GP Online, an online magazine for doctors. For two years she has served as a Director Appointee and now volunteers her time as a Foundation Governor. Patrice is the founder of DreamSmartTutors, an organization that not only aims to help students successfully apply to medical school but also educates and informs them about life as a doctor. This is through a number of courses and personalized one-to-one tuition. The focus is especially, but not exclusively for students from disadvantaged and Black Minority and Ethnic (BME) backgrounds. Patrice is also a STEM ambassador, a School Speaker and a member of UCL's BME alumni committee.

Patrice uses her skills as a writer, experiences as a doctor and abilities to engage with young people to raise awareness of important issues in addition to educating and informing others, especially the next generation of future professionals.

Rachael Griffin

Rachael Griffin | Roche Products Ltd

I am Rachael, aged 41, and mum to a beautiful 4 week old (a position I never thought I would be in). I also currently wok for Roche Products Ltd as a contracts manager in Pharma Research and Early Development.

In 2012 – my life changed for ever. I found the lump the previous November, but waited until after Christmas before going to the doctor. On 16 February 2012, aged 36, I was told I had breast cancer.

Once you’ve been diagnosed, your world is turned upside down. You live from appointment to appointment and you can’t plan anything, which was a tough. But I decided to try and keep some sense of normality / control – for me that meant working through my treatment. I was triple positive so would need chemo, surgery, Herceptin, radiotherapy and hormone therapy.

One of the hardest parts of the cancer was friends. We generally assume that our friends will be supportive in a crisis, but after cancer, we learn this may or may not be true. Its amazing how many people run for the hills when they hear the word cancer, and other friends (who I really saw as acquaintances) totally stepped up. I might be bald with no eyelashes and look a sight – but I was still me!
It was after treatment had finished that things really started to hit me. Having time to process everything and the emotional upheaval afterwards was huge. I had no idea how I was going to put the fragmented jigsaw that was my life back together.

Fast forward to now. I’m back at work full time. My main focus outside of work is Younger Breast Cancer Network UK - a peer support network for younger women with breast cancer. It  has had no funding and started from grass roots. We now have 3000 members and work regularly with charities such as Breast Cancer Now and Breast Cancer Care. The group is a lifeline to many - just ask our members. Find us at @YBCN_UK.

Athena Livesey

Athena Livesey | WSP

I am a UK and European Chartered Principal Engineering Geologist, with over ten years’ global experience. My career has taken me to Australia and led me across the Arabian Peninsula and back to England. In doing so, I have created a global network and left behind a legacy of impressive, award-winning infrastructure projects that have helped millions of people improve their daily lives.

I have worked on eight multi-award-winning highway schemes, from feasibility to construction, the total length of which rivals the M25. I am incredibly fortunate to do something that I am passionate about, and I am invested in helping other young engineers build a career they can be proud of. As a STEM ambassador and part of WSP's school engagement programme Launchpad, I help young people make informed choices and open their eyes to the creative world of engineering.

In my efforts to promote the image of engineering, I blog regularly, and have written articles about my career, Women in Engineering that have been published in Construction News and Infrastructure Intelligence.

Over my career, I have published two technical journals and had a double page spread on the A1 widening scheme, Gateshead, UK in Ground Engineering. Recently, I gave a technical presentation at the NW Geological Society on the A1widening scheme and was subsequently invited to repeat the presentation across the UK.

On 01 January, I began my two-year tenure as the UK National Chair for the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) Progress Network. I am leading an active group of over 2000 young professionals from a variety of firms, disciplines and sectors across the UK. As National Chair, I form strategic plans to build capacity and provide leadership to the existing regional groups and grow and nurture the network across further geographical regions.