As a child, Dr. Patrice Baptiste always dreamt of qualifying as a medical doctor. After years of hard work, continued dedication and perseverance she qualified in 2013 from University College London (UCL).

Due to the challenges surmounted trying to achieve her dream, Dr. Baptiste uses her experiences to show others that a dream is never too big, or unattainable. Through sharing her story she aims to inspire, empower, support and encourage as many people as possible.

Alongside Dr. Baptiste’s full time duties as a doctor she regularly contributes to GP Online, an online magazine for doctors. For two years she has served as a Director Appointee and now volunteers her time as a Foundation Governor. Patrice is the founder of DreamSmartTutors, an organization that not only aims to help students successfully apply to medical school but also educates and informs them about life as a doctor. This is through a number of courses and personalized one-to-one tuition. The focus is especially, but not exclusively for students from disadvantaged and Black Minority and Ethnic (BME) backgrounds. Patrice is also a STEM ambassador, a School Speaker and a member of UCL’s BME alumni committee.

Patrice uses her skills as a writer, experiences as a doctor and abilities to engage with young people to raise awareness of important issues in addition to educating and informing others, especially the next generation of future professionals.