Despite having graduated from Warwick University with a degree in English and German Literature in 2015, I now work as a Front End Intern in a tech consultancy! After graduation, I worked at Code First: Girls as an Intern and then Programmes Associate for 7 months, an organisation which aims to diversify tech by offering a variety of courses and events to women interested in tech. I then accepted an internship at Zooniverse in the Physics department of the University of Oxford, where I started learning JavaScript and React. After that ended, I accepted another internship at Oxford Computer Consultants where I’m now focusing on rounding out the rest of my Front End skills.

In my spare time, I keep very busy with copious amounts of volunteering! I organise codebar Oxford with two others, teach on the local Code First: Girls courses and do online volunteering with Three Rings CIC. In my spare time I exercise, and dance whenever I can.