I am a developer based in Glasgow with an interest in Web and IOT (Internet of Things). I am passionate about making the industry a more diverse culture, particularly encouraging more girls in to STEM careers.

To ensure I stay relevant in an always moving industry, I invest much of my free time in investigating new tech and improving understanding of frameworks and language I already use. This includes organising and attending local meetups  and conferences as well as just getting some hands on coding experience to understand the technology I use everyday at a deeper level.

As I continue on my career,  I want to keep being an ambassador for under-represented groups in the industry. As I gain more experience I want to use this to help others see that they to can progress in their career, contribute to projects, speak at events, etc. We know that more diverse teams build better experiences for users and deliver better products for clients.  Hopefully as I move along my career,  I can influence this.