Cheryl Laidlaw

In 2015 I knew that I had to niche and that’s when Website in a Day was born.

This came around because it was taking ages to get websites finished and I knew that sitting with the client would add so much value and make me stand out when most web designers would never leave their desks. Being visible was a massive part of the success of Website in a Day and the efficiency of getting it down in one day. The word soon got around and my diary has been booked ever since.

In 2017 I changed all my social media handles to London Web Girl. I wanted to stand out in this industry and I knew I had to be bold. My following on social media channels grew so much and as a result, became a brand on its own.

in 2018 I decided to niche once more by focusing on private practices in a collaboration with Dr Cath and Gemma who also serve Doctors and Surgeons. We created Clinic Alchemy ( which practical advice for doctors to accelerate their private practice & Grow their personal brand and wealth.

In 2018 Liz and I created our youtube channel ‘Work the Room’ as we networked a lot we wanted to have a platform where we could review networking groups around London so we could help people to choose a tribe that represents them and actually gets them business. In 2019 we then set up the ‘Work the Room’ networking event ourselves using what we think are the best practices to network.