Radhika Patel

Radhika is the Product Manager for the Capco UK Digital Lab, overseeing a multi-disciplinary team who take generate modern, digital solutions for financial services client challenges using customer-led techniques coupled with cutting edge technology expertise.

Within 2.5 years, Radhika has gone from a new entrant in consulting to being a recognised leader at Capco who has made a significant impact to both clients and Capco itself

Radhika has worked on high profile projects from the get go. She was part of the team that won £30m of funding to build a banking platform for a leading UK retail bank which is now live in the market. She has since worked on developing new digital propositions, including a new youth banking proposition for a leading retail bank and a number of new open-banking propositions for a major payments provider.

Innovation has always been Radhika’s passion. Prior to joining the industry she completed an industry-sponsored PhD in condensed matter and material physics at University College London. As part of her research, she developed instrumentation to study layered materials and was awarded over £10k from the Natural Environmental Research Council to investigate the commercial opportunity for the IP. She filed an initial patent for the instrumentation, and it has led to successful research papers from her research group.

While at UCL, Radhika set up the UCL Physics Postgraduate Society which she co-founded with a group of her peers. The community is still thriving 5 years later organising external speakers, multi-day hackathons and providing hundreds of students with the opportunity to share their research and collaborate.