Chloe appsChloe Apps is a highly skilled Personal Assistant with extensive experience in the fields of administration, diary management and office management. She joined Lloyd’s in February 2012 and believes that behind every great leader, there is a PA typing furiously on their smart phone…

Chloe is passionate about people, teams and charity, and aspires to raise the profile of the support staff across the industry, who ensure that those on the frontline are able to succeed. Chloe oils the wheels of the Operations team at Lloyd’s – she anticipates what they need before they even know they need it and juggles diaries and tasks whilst maintaining zen-like levels of outward calm.

When she isn’t busy pulling all the strings behind the scenes, Chloe is working to coordinate social responsibility activities for her team, such as building a partnership between Lloyd’s Operations staff and the Clara Grant School, and organising volunteering days at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.

Prior to her employment at Lloyd’s, Chloe worked for 3 years in the demanding world of Fashion Buying, which she will assure you is just as glamorous as Insurance.

Chloe holds a BA Hons degree in English Language & Communication and lives in Essex with her partner and their two house rabbits.