I have a Master’s in Economics and am a Shlokapreneur. I am a theist in every right and am an extremely confident young lady in my 30s, living in one of the most beautiful cities of India – Bangalore. I love the temples I visit and absolutely long for the annadanams I partake in every Thursday. My frequent visits to an old age home helping elderly parents who have been left to the mercy of the Lord to get free medical treatment and medicines is the best thing I’ve ever been a part of.

And yes, my Shloka school, Gurukulam, isn’t a dream any longer.

I am a true-blue Bangalorean, an absolute optimist these days and love to be surrounded by people. I am also a big foodie, a crazy shopaholic (I love my comfortable shoes), an avid blogger and I love to laugh a laughter that is completely infectious.

I love teaching my little children and doing lots of research to help them be their best. My regular swim sessions keep me completely sane!