I am a mother, banker and entrepreneur with 16 years of global experience. Back in 2003, I challenged myself to test my abilities, and with very limited resources relocated to US. Without any support system, I started my career with Chase Bank as a Customer Service Rep. With a blend of determination, hard work and good fortune, I climbed the corporate ladder from an entry-level Rep to a Director of Bank Operations. From being scared to stand up for myself, to starting my own small business, it was a long journey of learning the powers within, which just needed to be tested and trusted upon. It took me about ten years to learn the value of time, people, relationships and roots back home. It almost feels like a movie, when the smell of Dal/rice and fry fish was far better than the world’s most expensive perfumes. The calling was too powerful, and I moved back home to India in 2014, and was fortunate to quickly find a job with Barclays. Fortunate not only because of the continuity of my career, but also the opportunity to continue the work I began in the US working on empowering women, by joining hands with WIN (Working Women Network) at Barclays.