Emily Johnson

Never afraid of a challenge, most of my roles I have entered have been new roles, or roles within start-ups, or both!

I began my career after two PR internships, working as a Communications Director for a start-up digital media agency in Yorkshire straight after university. With a creative application 18 months later, using a website, video, and a press release called ‘Keep Calm and Hire Emily’ I succeeded in landing a role in a large communications agency called drp in London, as a PR and Social Media Executive, working both in-house and with clients, such as BT. With a love for content, social, and digital – I decided to move more into this sphere and began a role at a 100-year-old architect firm that had never had a marketing team, a functioning website, or any social media prior to me joining. It was a fantastic chance to bring their marketing and company into the 21st century, and I spoke about my time here at Campaign Magazine Brand Forum in July 2018. Headhunted, I spent 18 months in a social and digital marketing role at a large design group Allect, but during this time I began my own project Arthritis Foodie in my spare time – bringing together my health condition and my love for food. Arthritis Foodie brought me closer to the FMCG world and I decided to align my passion with my career, leading me to LVK. At LVK I look after health and wellness brands that care about both people and the planet.