Erica Mills

After Commissioning in December 2012 I joined the Royal Artillery where I started as a Troop Commander in charge of 63 soldiers of varying ranks.

From there I deployed to Afghanistan as an executive assistant to a high ranking officer who was in an advisory and stabilisation role. On return from this deployment I worked as the Officer Commanding of the Royal Artillery recruitment team and then went on to complete my Fire Support Team Commander’s tour, deploying to Canada for live firing training.

In June 2018 I was awarded a 12 month career intermission where I took some time to decide if the Army was a long term career choice for me and in that time solo travelled South East Asia and Australia, working in Singapore as a Bootcamp Manager and Personal Trainer for the last 5 months of my career intermission. Since returning to the Army in June 2019 I have been working as an assessor at the Army Officer Selection Board, assessing and selecting Army officers of the future.

Throughout my career I have played rugby for the Army and the UK Armed Forces, whilst also playing for Premiership teams in the form of Wasps and currently Gloucester-Hartpury.