Fabia Howard-Smith

Fabia is a digital consulting analyst at Accenture, prior to that she graduated from UCL with a BASc in marketing and psychology.

During her time at Accenture she has helped clients navigate digital innovation and strategy, delivering marketing and transformation projects across myriad industries.

Working in technical environments often driven by functional requirements, Fabia challenges her clients to focus on the end-user’s needs. She has proactively achieved the IDEO human-centred design certification. Becoming an advocate for user research and incorporating design thinking into her work; including training clients and colleagues on the topic.

She’s passionate about Girls in STEM initiatives: organising leadership events for colleagues to engage in meaningful discussions about gender, facilitating hackathons to teach young children about STEM and leading groups of school girls at Accenture’s Girls in STEM events. She thrives on creatively solving challenging problems, helping clients identify and address pain-points through innovative solutions. An example of this was when she won the Ulster bank Hackathon in 2018 with her customer-centric idea based on retention and loyalty.

Combining her interests of human-centred design and innovation, Fabia has co-authored a paper on AI and ethics, published by the House of Lords Artificial Intelligence Committee. Also, she’s actively involved in a grassroots ethics network that publish the ‘Ethical Hotlist’- a monthly roundup of digital initiatives at the intersection of ethics and technology.