Jasmine Shell

After graduating from the University of Kent, where she studied International Business and Italian, Jasmine accidentally discovered the London insurance market joining as a marketing professional in 2013.

She very quickly found herself falling in love with the industry – a market ready for change, she realised there were many opportunities to make a difference.

Jasmine has a passion for people and change, and believes that for change to be successful, people need to be at the centre of the journey. For that reason, she joined r10 Consultancy as a consultant, an organisation that is committed to transforming the insurance industry. As a consultant, Jasmine is committedd to delivering value for her clients and building trust and relationships.

As part of her interest in change, she joined DXC Digital Minds as a delegate in 2017; a cross-market programme that drives positive change in the insurance market. Jasmine is now part of the team that runs the 2019 programme with over 75 delegates, from more than 50 organisations, all working together make a difference in the London market.

Jasmine enjoys volunteering and is the Brand Officer for the Next Generation Insurance Network (NGIN), a young professional group that aims to empower young professionals to shape the world they live in. She also mentors university students who aspire to join the insurance industry and graduates.

Diversity has long been a challenge in the insurance industry and Jasmine volunteers with the LMG acting as a London Is a London Insurance Life ambassador, regularly speaking about and showcasing the insurance industry as an exciting and rewarding career at schools, universities and exhibitions. She is passionate about sharing the often-misunderstood industry with the next generation.

Outside of work, Jasmine is passionate about providing opportunities to young girls. She runs a Brownie unit in her local area for girls aged seven to ten helping girls to build their confidence and skills, inspire them to try new things and support them as they discover who they want to be.