Natalia Zurowski

I was born in Germany to middle class Polish parents, grew up in Canada, went to university in Singapore, lived in China and moved to the UK two years ago.

I guess you could say I am a global citizen. My previous role was heading up marketing for a premium finance company where I helped create and execute marketing plans and strategies that led to multiple award nominations (including one win!), generated leads to the sales team worth over £200M, as well as helping to establish and position the brand as the most innovative company in the premium finance and insurance industries.

I also spearheaded the Company’s Diversity & Inclusion initiative and initiated external partnerships with the Insurance Cultural Awareness Network (“iCAN”) and Insurtech UK, to promote insurance innovation within the UK.

In roughly two years time, I made it from the bottom of the career ladder as a Marketing Assistant at a 40-odd person firm (solely based out of the UK) working my way up to become the Marketing Lead for Synechron, one of the leading, digital, business consulting, and technology firms in the world with 8000 people worldwide in 18 global locations.

As the Marketing Lead for Synechron, I have also been tasked with opening up our insurance channel to market into the UK (delighted is an understatement).

Two years prior to all this, I was travelling as a fashion model and would not have been able to tell you what premium finance was or how insurance worked, let alone explain to you how robotic processing automation (RPA) can benefit your business. I believe it’s not about your background that makes you a success: It’s your aptitude, attitude and willingness to learn that will help determine your path.