I am a strong-willed, technology professional who has always believed and possessed the courage to make things happen; to take things from inception to completion; and to help people have a better life with these technological advancements. I truly believe technology is making the world a better place and not just replacing people. Personally, I see people as the greatest asset and have always been interested in bringing out the best in people. When I look back on life, ten years down the line, I want to feel that I have made a positive impact and contributed to something transformative. This time is very exciting with so much happening in the world of digitization, automation ans data revolution. I want to play my part in this journey of innovation, which touches every aspect of our lives and transform the world significantly. I have 12 years of corporate experience, all within the IT industry, and have worked in the past with Patni and Syntel in varied technology specialist, business development and delivery management roles.

Currently I work as a Technical Delivery Manager at Barclays Technology Centre India. I lead the delivery and development for UK Retail Banking Mortgages. I seek to inspire my team to look beyond the obvious and explore untapped possibilities of digital transformation and data revolution.

Outside of work, I love to play tennis and cook for my family. I have also been involved in career counselling to guide young people through my own corporate experience. I am an avid reader and psychology is something that interests me the most.