Kelly Caswell-Treen

WO2 Caswell-Treen was born in Burton Upon Trent and attended Thomas Alleyne’s High School and Portsmouth University.

In addition to sport and outdoor pursuits, she developed a love of the military through her time in the Army Cadet Force.

WO2 Caswell-Treen successfully enlisted into the Royal Army Medical Corps in 2003 and served in several junior appointments at 5GS Medical Regiment. She served as a Combat Medical Technician on Op Telic 5, 8 and Op Herrick 7 providing 1st line battlefield medical care throughout Basra and Helmand provinces. As a Junior and SNCO she then served at the Army Training Centre Pirbright as a Section Commander and Platoon Sergeant Instructor delivering Common Military Syllabus to potential recruits. WO2 Caswell-Treen completed Instructor selection at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, where she would coach, mentor and shape British officers of the future. On assignment from the Academy WO2 Caswell-Treen moved to 4 Armoured Medical Regiment and took post as the Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant for an Armoured Sqn. She was successfully selected for promotion and was appointed as the role of Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (Technical).

The Army Servicewomen’s Network (ASN) is a professional network that supports women of all ranks across the Army, both Regular and Reserve. Servicemen are a welcome and a necessary part of the Network, especially those wishing to demonstrate their support for gender diversity. Working collaboratively with the chain of command, the Network seeks to engage, inspire and empower Servicewomen to meet their full potential. If the Army is to increase, retain and progress capable and talented women, it is important that every Servicewoman feels supported to realise their goals. The ASN provides a platform for Servicewomen to succeed both professionally and personally, and where change is required, a collective voice into Army policy. WO2 Caswell-Treen was the Sub-Network Lead over the last four years supporting 33 networks in the UK and overseas, she has recently been appointed Co-Chair of the ASN.

WO2 Caswell-Treen is passionate about the delivery of healthcare, coaching, support and maximising talent to the British military. She is currently studying a BA (Hons) Degree in Leadership & Management, and holds an abundance of awards and certification in coaching and mentoring.

In January 2019 WO2 Caswell-Treen was appointed the first female Company Sergeant Major at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and will assume the post in the summer.

WO2 Caswell-Treen has been married to Gemma a serving Army Officer and is the Officer Commanding (OC) Real-Life Support, 12 Brigade Headquarters for 7 years and is proud mother to their daughter Emelia-Florence (2), her hobbies include outdoor family activities, football, CrossFit and reading.