Nordia Masters

My name is Nordia Masters and I am a Senior Non Commissioned Officer in the rank of Sergeant.

I was born in Jamaica in the 1980s. I commenced playing Netball at age tender age of 9 at Little London Primary School. During High School Championships islandwide 1998 I was selected and represented Jamaica under 21. Growing up in Jamaica playing Netball was most young girls dream.

I migrated from Jamaica in June 2002 to pursue a different path in life, which lead me to join the British Army a year later. During my time in the Army I have been worked in different countries such as Northern Ireland and Germany. I deployed on Operations to Iraq in 2003 and this tour was truly a baptism of fire as my camp was bombed.

Whilst serving in NI, I was scouted at club netball by Norma Plummer ex Australian Netball coach and current South African Coach. She invited me for a training weekend and this kickstarted my International Netball journey for NI. Through Army Netball I have visited countries on tour such as Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Trinidad, Jamaica, Dubai, Malta and Gibraltar.

I represented NI for 3 years and competed in the 2014 CommonWealth Games, where we entered in 11th place and finished 7th. This was highest ranking NI have ever received.

I was Army sports woman runner up in 2015 and 2016, additionally I was Adjutant General Corp runner up in 2015. I coached army defence under Maggie Jackson in 2018 and played and coach defence in 2019. I have actively played army netball since Jan 2008 and Captained the team in 2017 and 2019.