layla mullinsUsing my skills in organisation and Global Event Management gained from a 14 year career as a PA, I was promoted to a business analyst role in January 2014. In my current role, I have identified and networked together 1,200 people globally to standardise tools and methods used within their roles – and launched a solid community to promote working together as a team, career development and mobility across business areas. I keep in touch with the 1,200 employees with regular comms and monthly global networking events in APAC, NY, Dubai and the UK where ideas are shared and taken back to the central team with the aim to make improvements to the way we work at HSBC.

Alongside my ‘day job’, I volunteered as an Events Organiser for the HSBC Gender Diversity employee resource group called Balance at the mid-2013. In November 2014 I was elected as the UK Chair. I am passionate about gender diversity and have driven a committee of volunteers to increase UK membership by over 500 to 2,500. I have spent a lot of time networking with senior leaders to get Balance more recognised as a key part of the HR process, improving transparency of initiatives to benefit gender diversity. I am not afraid to challenge when I believe the business is not considering the impact of decisions and have driven events for the members which genuinely engage across the business, linking senior leaders to women with aspirations. During my tenure, Balance has launched a global committee to add some governance around the 25 (and growing) branches that we have worldwide. Specifically in the UK, I have appointed committees to run Balance North (incorporating 8 branches) and Balance Scotland (3 branches) to bring he organization closer together and open opportunities for all. Together, we deliver country-wide events and work towards impacting change on the organization.