Love Oyeniran

Having studied a Social Science degree, my first role after leaving university was working with a workflow automation tool to drive process efficiencies.

I designed and developed the application, integrating to other systems such as Slack and Tableau, and I was able to write my first lines of code! In doing this I was able to increase my understanding of the use of different programming languages, applications and software.

From that role, I moved to another finance organisation where I took ownership of technology changes as part of a major system upgrade and a redesign of an in-house application.

Outside of my day job, I have been on many professional coding courses with Code First Girls where I was keen to learn as much as possible from GIT version control to connecting with APIs. This appetite to learn more proven invaluable and my most recent role as an RPA consultant, where I worked alongside a team who were among the first to put robots in an Investment Bank. I have worn many hats as part of an automation delivery, comprising of business and process analyst, risk and strategy and also detailing technical solution documents comprising of Sudo code, which has not only provided a steep learning opportunity but had made my job both exciting and enjoyable.

My most recent challenge includes developing an application hub that acts as a personalised virtual assistant. Having been recently awarded as a TechWoman, coupled with dealing with my father’s health complications, I was propelled to make an app that facilitates a proactive and mindful approach to ensuring good health and lifestyle.