Rebeka Marton

I started university in 2013 with a very exciting educational background, having attended school both in Hungary and the UK, alternating every few years.

It set me up with a desire to be constantly challenged and be exposed to new things, meet new people and make friends that would need to last over distance and time. I graduated with a Natural Sciences degree from Cambridge, where still I enjoyed the variety of knowledge that I could learn the most. It also left me with a burning curiosity to learn programming and become a developer – an area that at that time was still mysterious and out of reach; yet at the same time amazing and powerful, since it can enable so much good in today’s society at very little cost. I joined Deloitte Digital as an engineer – and from their first coding bootcamp to now I have had the chance to both learn an incredible amount, and become a valuable member of my project team at work – I have effectively become its beating heart. On the project, that I have watched grow almost since its inception, despite my relatively junior position, I have been able to lead various work streams, while also taking ownership for building and maintaining various core components of the platform.

The best part for me, however, is being able to pass on my understanding and my undying enthusiasm for solving problems with my colleagues, inspiring and encouraging particularly those that seem shy or hesitant. This passion for spreading my curiosity in programming, and the reason why I was drawn to this art in the first place, can be seen in my outside-of-project activities. I love hackathons, side projects to build awesome products that have amazing impact, whether that is about reaching out to society to raise awareness, inspire and drive solutions to large scale problems, or solving people’s individual problems directly. I also really enjoy teaching, so have been involved with Coder Dojo events – which I can only recommend – and teaching Python to children on Saturdays whenever I can. Inspiring others to learn and be ambitious is probably the greatest privilege one can experience!