Whilst doing my Finance degree in Mexico, I had a couple of work experiences during the Summer periods in London where I had a taste of the opportunities this dynamic city promises. After graduation, I knew I had to take that chance outside my hometown. I am one of many “post-Lehman graduates”, eager to pursue a career in finance and having to step back to gain valuable skills to become more competitive. London opened its doors with a challenging position as PA for Award winning British designer Lee Broom. It was the greatest lucks of all arriving to was then a small office in the living room of a house, working hard and witnessing the evolution of the brand, taking international recognition award after award, managing exhibitions across the capital, overseeing the product development of the new collections and taking charge as Studio manager when the doors opened in Shoreditch.   After my time at Lee Broom I joined the initial team at Ultra Vie, a technology start-up where I developed contrasting skills, focused on user experience, social media and relationship management.  Ultra Vie gave me the confidence to venture as a social media and web development free-lance with an eclectic mix of accounts, from Wine distributors, Luxury Goods and Hospitality brands, however the mix was not complete, a big gap with my initial interest in Finance which was what made me move to London in the first place was still there. Bloomberg offered the perfect fit, mixing my passion for finance and technology. The learning curve has been steep since my arrival in the UK, but it has surprised me with great opportunities regardless of my gender and nationality.