I was born on 15th August 1976 in Delhi, to a family where social and moral values were always the priority. I completed my schooling at Manav Sthali School and was an above average student. I got married in 1998 into a family which was again one of the notable family known for charity works. With a park-facing house, it came to our notice that maids who worked in nearby areas left their young children unattended, exposing them to accidents and unhygienic conditions. It then struck my heart that I should do something for these children. I began Aasmaa Foundation in 2016, with my sister-in-laws and started a simple setup of school in park with just seven kids in February 2011. Soon our group expanded and we had to shift our day education centre to Haiderpur. Today, we have almost 84 children with us and we are also running a vocational centre and soon plan to begin a computer training centre.