My finance post in the hospital has enabled me to priorities & manage tasks, of which i have taken in my personal life too.
I am first and foremost a mum of two I have always encouraged my children to outdoors, this gave me great satisfaction, I slowly started transferring the skills from what my children were learning in outdoors to myself.

I am a keen walker which has given me skills in confidence and I starting pushing myself both physically and mentally, Manchester has great access to the Lake district and the Peak district. I am part of The women euro arabian northpole expedition

The team involves 12 women from across Europe and the Arabian Peninsula; and I have the honour of representing our country. The team members are not elite athletes but ordinary women, – representing a diverse variety of occupations and backgrounds from journalist, scientist outdoor professionals, teachers, businesswomen and mothers – selection from over 1000 applicants.

The core purpose of the expedition is to foster greater dialogue and understanding between women from the Western and Arabian cultures, in addition, the expedition will work to inspire women to reach beyond the expectations, To demonstrate the potential of greater intercultural understanding and to raise awareness of women in the North Pole who will find exceptional courage and teamwork to overcome the extreme conditions.