After graduating in Sociology at Goldsmiths University, Nazia decided to be an amateur boxer. She won two bronze medals in tournaments.

During her boxing career, she encountered and overcame many negative attitudes as boxing is not a feminine thing to do. She constantly uses her experiences to inspire and motivate women from all backgrounds.

Nazia uses her Sociology background to understand human behavioural patterns and creates dynamic and effective, value- based body transformation programmes to suit individual needs.

She has varied clients from all backgrounds who bear testimony to her multi faceted skills. Nazia works with individuals, community organisations and the corporate sector.

Nazia’s mission is to change one body at a time and get her clients to fall in love with their bodies regardless of shape and size. Her results are always outstanding,allowing her clients to open up a whole new world mentally and physically. Clients get to feel REBORN again with a new found confidence and self esteem.